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Customized workshops

It is very important to keep ourselves updated in this fast changing scenario. In this view, we need to sharpen our skills for teaching, class management and understanding the students.

Following is a list of workshops/seminars to choose from - customized according to your needs. And has been carefully categorized into three broad domains:

Managing Effective Teaching #

  1. Understanding CCE and its effective implementation (5 hrs)
  2. CBSE policies for benefit of children (45 mins)
  3. Effective Classroom Discipline & Management (4 hrs)
  4. Ethics & Etiquettes (2 hrs)
  5. Empowerment of teachers for understanding students and teaching – learning methods (4 hrs)
  6. Circle Time (3 hrs)
  7. Class seating plan (30 mins)
  8. Six Quality tips - For policy makers (3 hrs)
  9. Enhancing class teaching competence (30 mins)
  10. Multiple Intelligence (MI) (4 hrs)
  11. Life Skills (5 hrs)

Managing Self (self science) #

For understanding children and timely Supportive Interventions for Problems in children. This domain has been divided into the following modules:

  1. Supportive Interventions for Problems in Children with learning and behavioural Problems (3 hrs)
  2. Attention difficulties in classroom - for primary classes (3 hrs)
  3. Addressing the challenges of children in contemporary society - for speceial needs children (1.5 hrs)
  4. Understanding behavioural difficulties in children (2 hrs)
  5. Learning problems in children - for primary classes (5 hrs)
  6. Supporting all kinds of minds within the class (5 hrs)
  7. Personality types (1.5 hrs)
  8. Mentoring the misunderstood (4 hrs)
  9. Freedom writers - A movie in English (1 hr)

New Modules #

  1. Teaching students to work harder and enjoy it
  2. Effective classroom turn around
  3. Changing attitudes and behavior
  4. Developing leadership qualities in school

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