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I conduct many workshops and seminars. The current sessions are as follows:

  1. Bloom’s Taxonomy and Educational Assessment (1 day)
    It provides awareness to teachers of grades Primary to Sr. Secondary and it’s usages. In this workshop the Cognitive domain is focused and guides the teachers to make assessments by designing Assignments and Question papers. It helps to benefit make a blue print also.

    Benefit - A systematic approach to assess students and build confidence to both Assessor and Assessee.

  2. Classroom Observation Scale (COS) (1 day)
    It provides the parameters on which the teachers are assessed in 5 point scale. It discusses 12 parameters for lower primary teachers and 21 parameters for upper primary, high school and senior school teachers.

    Benefit - Effective teaching by taking care of all the aspects such as formative assessments (FA). Its a mentoring process overall.

  3. Project Based Learning (1 day)
    This workshop deals in designing projects, executing and making the learning interesting without burden. It gives practise of rubric designs and effective applicability.

    Benefit - Proper assessment and correct feedback to students.

  4. Preparing Schools for Accreditation (SQAA) (1 day)
    This is a special workshop planned for Accreditation Member Committee (AMC) of school. It creates practical awareness of each domain. Gives on the spot practise of developing important documents. How to develop SOPS and other materials for documentation.

    Benefit - Hurdle free, hassle free aquintance for preparing the school for Quality assessment and accreditation (SQAA)

I also offer a list of other workshops/seminars to choose from- customized according to your needs. For more information send me an email

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