Make A Change

You cannot weave a silk cloth from a cotton yarn

2 day workshop on Classroom Management at Raath International School, Alwar, Rajesthan

  1. School Building
  2. School Building side view
  3. Workshop standee
  4. Saraswati Vandana
  5. Ice breaking session
  6. Ice breaking session
  7. Aha and Oh no moments!
  8. Introduction of classroom management
  9. Move to learn

  10. Colour coding of participants
  11. Colour coding of participants
  12. Discussion of VARK Self Assessment Questionnaire
  13. Query on Case study
  14. Working on sample template for lesson planning
  15. Commencing Day 2
  16. A healthy and energetic start to the session
  17. Making charts on Classroom Arrangement
  18. Participants discussing about effective classroom arrangement
  19. Talking about Reinforcement of Rules & Regulations
  20. Talking about Rewards of following rules
  21. Momento
  22. Group photograph

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