Make A Change

You cannot weave a silk cloth from a cotton yarn

2 Days Capacity Building Workshop in Mount Columbus School, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh

  1. Participant registration counter
  2. Workshop poster
  3. Welcome by students
  4. Colour coding of participants
  5. Working on "What is science?" handouts
  6. Move to learn
  7. Introducing Bloom's Taxonomy
  8. Discussion on Cognitive Domain - HOTS
  9. Working on Bloom's Taxonomy handouts
  10. Physical Activity - Mind and body coordination
  11. Day 2 - Circle Time - Recapitulation
  12. Participants working on item writing
  13. Group activity - Making a Concept Map
  14. Group activity - Making a Mind Map
  15. Group activity - Making a Mind Map on Biology
  16. Participants showing their group tasks
  17. Item drafting
  18. Group photo

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