Make A Change

You cannot weave a silk cloth from a cotton yarn

2 day workshop on Teaching Science to Class X students at Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad

  1. School Building
  2. Workshop poster
  3. Participants gathering up for the workshop
  4. Handout - What is Science?
  5. Ice breaking session
  6. A healthy and energetic start to the session
  7. Warm up session
  8. Colour coding of participants
  9. Participants rearranging their positions according to colour groups
  10. Working on concept maps
  11. Teachers drawing up a mind-map
  12. Recapitulation
  13. Group discussion
  14. Lesson planning
  15. Lesson planning
  16. Commencing Day 2
  17. Presentation of lesson plan
  18. Lesson plan - Direct demonstation
  19. Lesson plan - dramatization
  20. Lesson plan - student teacher engagement
  21. Group photo

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