Make A Change

You cannot weave a silk cloth from a cotton yarn

2 day workshop - Capacity Building Programme on Science in Presentation Convent School, Delhi

  1. A 94 year old school (1st school in Delhi established by a British lady)
  2. The auditorium hall where the 2 day workshop was conducted
  3. Introductory search - Word Search (Day 1)
  4. Insight in the light of NCF (Day 1)
  5. Partcipants working on making a concept map (Day 1)
  6. Lesson planning (Day 1)
  7. Recapitulation - Each on share one point (Day 2)
  8. Recapitulation - Each on share one point (Day 2)
  9. Teaching stategy
  10. Demonstation of an experiment
  11. Group demonstation of an experiment
  12. Experiments with different demonstation methods
  13. Group Photo with all participants

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